proven to be the most flexible shortboard I’ve ever had

The pip has proven to be the most flexible shortboard I’ve ever had -

from bashing away in little chest high slop to scratching into 5′ heaving ledges -

it’s been my go-to board all season.

The bottom contours just let you accelerate at will -

but it holds incredibly -

no squirreling out at speed.

Awesome design!

Dave Lemonds // Oahu // 5’9″/205lb

Proxy epoxy Pipsqueak 6’1″ x 20″ x 2 5/8″ wing swallow


Caught everything I paddled for

Hi Charissa & Todd,

So between grad school and work just killing me, I have had relatively no time to surf the Pipsqueak since I picked it up from Leon.  Snuck in the maiden voyage at south jetty on a windy evening sesh over a week ago,

and right away I was hyped!

Caught everything I paddled for, and got to feel out the rails a bit with a few carves and bashes.

Unfortunately, another week went by before I could even think about surfing.  Finally my school schedule maxed out on Saturday.  So Sunday and today sessions 2 & 3 went down at dawn, with a light little combo swell action and some offshore dub.

Waves were not quite as punchy as I hoped, and the water temp dropped big time, but again, the Pipsqueak did not disappoint.

It paddles great, I was able to rack off a couple of roundhouse to rebounds, and a hit a few lips when they were there.

The board basically feels unreal,

even in waves where I would normally ride more of a fish or a groveler.

I can’t wait for that punchy head to OH day to really feel what this board has to offer.

I am trying to get back more into short board shapes rather than fish or hybrid grovel boards.  I miss carving and bashing hard, and I am pretty sure this board is going to help me transition back to that!

I am super stoked on the board.

Todd is clearly a master shaper and a quality craftsman.

The board has a beautiful aesthetic, and has gotten compliments from many a harbor local already on both appearance and how light it is.

Thanks again and I look forward to picking up more boards from you guys in the future.  Since the wind is light and I have the time, I’m gonna go give this sucker a second session ripping right now!

Jeremy Kaiser // Oceanside, CA // 38/6’0″/200 lb

6’0″ x 20″ x 2 5/8″ wing swallow Pipsqueak Carbon Footprint

one of the best boards I have ever surfed on a river wave!

this board is awesome,

without a doubt it is one of the best boards

I have ever surfed on a river wave!

Danny // Canada // 29/5’10″/170-185 w/ wettie / for river wave

5’8″ x 22″ x 3″ swallow  [super-duty] Proxy epoxy Pipsqueak

The pipsqueak has been going nuts

Hey C !  We’ve been on a tear here – a pumping glassy Tahitian south swell for over a week solid!

The pipsqueak has been going nuts -

once I dialed in the drive off that grippy single I’ve been in love with it.

Even took it out in heavy 6+ Hawaiian style

and scratched into some bombs -

and it was holding fine and totally solid

through long arcs and very drivey – who knew???

Please tell Todd I’m stoked on it – just needed to get it in some juice to work it out.

Dave // Hawaii // 5’9″/205 lb
Carbon Footprint Pipsqueak: 6’1″ x 20″ x 2 5/8″

I was surfing like a kid again and then some


Myself, Kenny (Robert), Lindsay and Karen (Kenny’s lady) just got home from Costa Rica last week. It has kind of been a drag being home. Cold weather, snow and flatness. On the bright side my Mom and cats missed us. Oh well, next years annual voyage is only 10 months away!

I just wanted to report that Kenny is in love with his Pipsqueak!

I am not sure if Todd has shaped any other MonstaMethods but the thing is insane.

I was surfing like a kid again and then some.

I am in love and will need another in the near future.

I was “training” before I left on my carver and I really think that had a lot to do with being able to surf good right away. Anywho, I just wanted to let you know that both of us had a great time and our boards had a lot to do with it. Also, that cat you guys have is huge! Lindsay and I have cats. Most of the time I prefer the company of a feline over humans.

Talk soon about a new MonstaMethod!


Attached are a few pics from Teresa and Dominical…
and my cat Soup and Bubbles!

Oh! and TEE HEE!


Thanks Todd for making me another AMAZING board

Thanks Todd for making me another AMAZING board, my Pipsqueak was working really good today.

Surfed it in 3-4′+ waves that were offshore, glassy, onshore, slopey and some fast grinders and it exceled in all those conditions.

It got into the waves real easy, made drops on steeper waves easy, goes fast, turns really fast and responsive and cracks the lip real good!!!! So stoked!!!

Chris surfed with me on his new MonstaChief and he was surfing really good on his new board too!! Full on Proctor Party, Yeeeew!

Thanks again and also to Charissa for all the exceptional customer service, you both Rock!!!!!!!

Paul // age: 40 ht: 5’9″ wt: 170-175
5’11″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 3/8″ single wing swallow Carbon Footprint Pipsqueak

I love this board so much I find myself hugging it in the water

Todd and Charissa, Thank you for my pipsqueak.

I love this board so much I find myself hugging it in the water.

It’s the perfect board for me. The colors are beautiful and it rides wonderfully. Fast in the quad version and I have not tried the tri set up yet but I’m sure it’s great.

Having too much fun making it through all the sections with the quad set up.

Seems easier to get into the waves too. I feel sad for my other, now neglected, boards.

Anyways, It’s the board I have been searching for. Thank You!

Sandy Fee
5’7″ x 19″ x 2 1/4″ Pipsqueak

that pipsqueak is out of control sick

Dude, that pipsqueak is out of control sick

I just rode it three days in a row at the base and absolutely murdered the clips
Dang superman, can’t wait for you to see this clip

so good on rotation speed & fits in those really tight base wedges well

I’m stoked on that board model, that thing is siiick.

Nick Rozsa
5’7″ x 19″ x 2 1/4″ Pipsqueak swallowtail